sick fuck

by PEST!

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released October 24, 2019


all rights reserved



PEST! Brooklyn, New York

nikki stixxx

Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios / Mixed by K.C. Olsen in Hell

Album art by Jon Mayo

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Track Name: Fido
Ruff ruff ruff!
I’m a dog eating shit
Chasing my tail in an aimless fit
The trial that’s in sniffin’ it will lead me straight to nowhere
Headed snout first into a bottomless pit
I can’t learn any better- you can’t teach me new tricks
I can’t know any better- I’ll just dig up the bone that I buried as deep as it gets
I’ll keep gnawing the nail until my paws burst
I’ll bite them all first- I’ll chew and then I’ll spit
Disgusted by the process but I know that I won’t quit
Like a dog eating shit
Track Name: Worms for Brains
Wriggling worm inside my brain
Chewing me up with no shame
You’ve done why you’ve done- I’ve lived with the pain
Open sore inside my brain
Running fast
Pick up the pace
If I can’t catch my tail what’s the point of the chase
Each day a new web of spit to my face- each day a new web of spit to my face
Crush my chest, hold my breath
I can’t stop myself, there is nothing left
Hot hand squeezing my throat
Don’t ask if I forgive you- I don’t
I left it open to swell and I’ll never forgive myself
Track Name: Prize Pig
Prize pig, prize pig
Hanging on a thinning thread
Apple in my mouth- body burning just to keep you fed
Stick a ribbon in my side I’ll give my life to be your best
Prize pig, prize pig
Lick your lips clean of my death
Yeah you know the rest
Drag your teeth across my bones, sink them deep into my skin, pull the knife out of my throat
What will it take for me to win?
Promise me you’ll make it quick
Prize pig, prize pig
I have no choice but to give in
Track Name: Milk
Arms decorated each with puncture wounds to match the leather crease
Eyes fluttering like wings- face first into a bowl of milk mid speech
My old routine- piss in a cup a child’s warmth is clean
A gift to bring them so you’d keep pretending one day you’d be free
It’s never gonna be enough, it’s never gonna be enough
Your eyes are sunk and sad your skin is scarred and rough
It’s never gonna be enough, it’s never gonna be enough
Mourning a death for years and years before its come
Sat in the drivers seat- my fingers clenched so deep my palms would bleed
You’re nodding off you’re half asleep
Prepped for the worst- knowing if I wake you up you’ll blame me first
I’d rather crash and burn that be the one to brave your angers burst
I watched you on the couch from the cold ground until your eyes burnt out
How much is enough?
Track Name: Ha!
I don’t wanna be your little pet I want you on your knees
Want you to kick and scream and beg and fight and ask me please
You think that you’re hot shit- you’re nothing but a joke to me
You are my enemy- you are my enemy
And I’m no hunter, but I’m no prey
And you think you’ve won, but you’ve made your own cage
And I don’t wanna be your fucking muse
You never could be me
You pluck and pick and steal to make your personality
I’m not impressed by your soft act
I know what’s underneath
You are my enemy, you are my enemy
And I’m no hunter, but I’m no prey
And you think you’re smart, but you’ve lost your own game
And I don’t want equality, I want revenge
I don’t want equality, I want revenge
You’ve dug your own grave- and this is the end

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